The Global Social Entrepreneurship Network (GSEN) is a global network for organisations supporting early stage social entrepreneurs, offering peer-to-peer support and shared learning opportunities. Launched in 2013, the network is rapidly growing, providing tangible solutions to the development of an effective ecosystem of support for social entrepreneurs around the world.

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The GSEN Leanings Index reflects the diversity and richness of support of the network's members.  The LEARNINGS are about GSEN member organisations around the world and offer practical advice for individuals and organisations on how to support early stage social entrepreneurs. The learnings of each organisation can be adopted and adapted for a specific context - GSEN exists to allow this transfer of knowledge to happen more efficiently and effectively.



The Global Social Entrepreneurship Network is an initiative launched and incubated by UnLtd                                 Get in touch by email or on twitter 

UnLtd is the trading name for The Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs                                                                                                 Join the network

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